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Welcome to The Patient Journey Course

This course will help you Masterfully Communicate With Each Patient You See, Everyday, In Any Scenario, With Confidence, Authority And No Hesitation.
This Course Is All About Transforming:
- The Quality Of Your Consultations
- Your Conversion Rate For High End Treatment
- Your Income, Patient Experience & Career Fulfillment.
Increase Your Case Acceptance Today Whilst Dealing With Any Tricky Patients Or Avoiding Litigative Complaints.
We Made A Course That Is Proven To Fast-Track Your Clinical Development & Chair Side Manner
Built For You, The Ambitious Clinician Who Wants To:
Improve Your Patient Journey (Customer Experience) In Your Surgery & Your Practice
Increase The Amount Of Patients Who Decide To Take Up High End Treatment With Yourself
Develop An Efficient, Memorable and Highly Converting Consultation Process, To Use For The Rest Of Your Career.
Build A Unique & Successful Cosmetic Dental Practice Or Brand With A Loyal Patient Or Industry Following & Increased Earnings.

Course Curriculum

This course will help you Masterfully Communicate With Each Patient You See, Everyday, In Any Scenario, With Confidence, Authority And No Hesitation.
Module 1 - The 5 Golden Rules Of Great Patient Journeys

You want to build a great patient journey? It starts with great foundations.

This module will teach you the building blocks of what the highest converting clinicians do, day-in day-out in their surgeries.

Module 2 - Patient Personality Types

Want to learn how to persuade your patients effectively? To talk their language? To read their personality types?

This cutting edge, psychometric framework has not been taught in dentistry before.

This module will teach an efficient method to be able to read patients fast and mould your patient journey and treatment plan presentation in a way that will be help your case acceptance increase exponentially without needing to "hard sell!"

Module 3 - The Perfect Patient Journey

Learn the ultimate patient journey framework.

Bring your patients through the six phases of dental communicative excellence.

Transform your patient journey forever and create an eager waiting list of patients built on amazing word of mouth referrals.

Warning - This module will change your career (and potentially your life).

Module 4 -Treatment Planning

"I don't know how to discuss prices with patients" - Every Dentist Ever.

The most common complaint we hear with regards to treatment planning is about price. We are looking to make this complaint a myth with this module.

By the end of this module we will have your treatment planning process optimised, taking your presentations from "high stress selling" to "low stress conversations" that convert high end treatment with ease.

Module 5 - Pricing

Are you tired of constantly under-pricing your high quality work to match your local competitions prices? Do you want the confidence to be able to charge a premium?

From pricing strategies and price psychology to treatment planning frameworks and presentation tips & tricks - this module has it all.

Module 6 - Mixed Practice & NHS Patient To Private Conversion

In Module 6 of our patient journey course, we dive into the intricacies of operating a mixed practice and achieving patient journey perfection within the NHS system.

This module is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to seamlessly convert NHS patients to private patients while presenting both options in a persuasive and compelling manner.

We understand that navigating the complexities of the NHS system can be challenging, and our aim is to empower you with practical strategies to optimize the patient experience and facilitate a smooth transition from public to private care.

Throughout this module, you will gain invaluable insights into the key factors that influence patient decisions and learn effective techniques to engage and educate them about the benefits of private healthcare.

We will delve into various topics, including:

1. Understanding the NHS Patient Journey: You will explore the entire patient journey within the NHS system, from initial contact to post-treatment follow-up. By comprehending the intricacies of this process, you will be better equipped to identify opportunities for presenting private care as a valuable alternative.

2. Tailoring the Patient Experience: Creating a seamless and personalized patient experience is paramount in ensuring patient satisfaction and loyalty. We will provide you with practical tips and strategies to enhance the patient journey, including effective communication techniques, active listening, and fostering a sense of trust and rapport.

3. Presenting Private Care Options: Converting NHS patients to private patients requires a delicate balance of presenting the advantages of private healthcare while respecting the existing system. We will guide you through the process of showcasing the unique benefits of private care, emphasizing personalized attention, reduced wait times, access to advanced treatments, and the overall enhanced patient experience.

4. Overcoming Patient Objections: Addressing patient concerns and objections is a crucial aspect of the conversion process. We will equip you with proven techniques to handle objections effectively, emphasizing the value proposition of private care and highlighting the long-term benefits that patients can enjoy.

By the end of this module, you will possess the tools and knowledge to navigate the challenges of operating a mixed practice successfully. You will be able to present both NHS and private care options in a persuasive and compelling manner, ultimately helping patients make informed decisions that align with their healthcare needs and aspirations.

Module 7- Dealing With Difficult Patients & Handling Complaints

The anxiety you face dealing with a difficult patient.

The gut wrenching moment you get a complaint.

We have you covered. We have multiple, step-by-step,  tried and tested frameworks to not only avoid or mitigate against complaints but also turn those difficult patients into your biggest fans!

Unbelievable right? You might want to hear us out.

Module 8 - Raabiha's Patient Journey (Regularly Updated)

We walk the walk in this course. You are about to see BTS footage of Dr Raabiha Maan with a myriad of different patients.

Watch how she communicates, educates, handles objections, treatment plans, manages difficult patients, puts them at ease, wins their hearts, converts high end treatment with ease and has her patient returning for years to come!

It's our Patient Journey Framework in action.

Once you see this module, you won't practice day-to-day dentistry the same way again.

Module 9 - Putting It All Together


That is what separates a "good" clinician from a "great" one!

A "good" course from a "great" one!

A "good" patient journey from a "great" one!

You are here for a transformation so this module teaches you how to implement everything you have learnt in this course.

We made this course for a reason.

To help Clinicians Create a personalised, repeatable and unique patient journey that you feel confident and comfortable delivering.

Your patients leave with absolute faith in you and talk about you to their friends as “the best experience in a dental practice I've ever had”.

So we'll be damned if you don't go ahead and get that outcome for yourself.

Module 10 - The Patient Journey Archives/Bonus Content (Regularly Updated)

Ever wondered what other clinicians patient journeys look like in real life?

Never been done in any online course before ...

This is our behind the scenes "Fly on the wall content" with real patients and real clinicians that we have filmed over the last 6 years.

Finally understand what makes other clinicians so good and learn from what they say/do to close their patients.


Why Learn From Us?
Salik Is The Founder Of Dental Hype - One Of The Most Successful Dental Business & Brand Agencies In The UK.

A respected figure in the industry, he has worked with, created with or coached an extensive list of high profile clinicians, dental groups and dental brands including many that you follow on social media (and many amazing clinicians you don't).

He has made £10,000,000 since 2016 for various dentists, practices, brands, dental & orthodontic groups in the UK.

He is also the man behind the launch, production & marketing of: Dr Reena Wadia's Perio School, Dr Kreena Patel's Endo Course, Dr Sandra Garcia's Veneer Course & Dr Rhona Eskander's Smile Transformation Course.
Dr Raabiha Maan graduated with BDS honours from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2014. She has a postgraduate diploma in restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

Raabiha is a practice owner of a 5 chair mixed dental practice in Isleworth London.

She was one of the youngest dental foundation  trainers in the UK and is also a clincial mentor for young dentists coming to work in the UK.

Dr Raabiha authored the number one bestselling dentistry textbook- Dentistry in a Nutshell.

Raabiha thoroughly enjoys teaching dentistry and is often asked to lecture at universities and give webinars on various topics within dentistry.

She is on the editorial advisory board of the prestigious dentistry magazine for which she is a regular contributor. She is also an ambassador and key opinion leader for several esteemed dental companies like Optident, Orascoptic, Acteon, Pearl Ai and dental directory.
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